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QiGong Week at Captain Don's Habitat, Bonaire

QiGong Week at Captain Don's Habitat, Bonaire

Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands

Suuz Martines has combined her love of the ocean and SCUBA with The Eight Treasures® QiGong. She is a certified instructor who has studied, practiced QiGong for 15 years. Her company is ScubaDoRag and to many divers and non divers she is known as CoCo Cheznaynay, secret agent of truth and style.

During the week of December 7-14, 2013, Suuz will be diving and leading QiGong wellness sessions at the Home of Diving Freedom, Captain Don’s Habitat, on the #1 rated dive destination in the Caribbean, Bonaire. There is no cost for participating and sessions will be held at times that don’t conflict with any boat dives.

A week of fun and wellness on Bonaire and there are also special packages available for divers and non divers will be offered a free introduction to scuba. Qi Gong Week at Captain Don's Habitat Improve your SCUBA Experience with Qi Gong - a moving meditation that combines stretching, breathing, toning, and strengthening for anyone at nearly any age and fitness level.

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