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Croatian Wushu Taiji Center Helis -  wushu school

Croatian Wushu Taiji Center Helis - wushu school

10000, Zagreb, Croatia

2014. ce se odrzati u parku Maksimir, lokaciju mozete vidjeti na slici lokacija za 2014 u 10 sati zadnju subotu u travnju

Nikolas Maricic - Wolf website is http://www.wushunikolas.wordpress.com and he hold classes in Croatian and English language. He made Croatia to be FULL member of IWUF international Wushu Federation in 2003 http://www.iwuf.org At International Taijiquan Jiaozuo Championship 2007 (home of Taijiquan), China Nikolas Maricic Wolf won Gold medal as well as two gold medals at Mediterranean Wushu Cup, gold medal at european taijiquan championships and 3 gold medals at international Hong Kong Wushu Championships. He is also great athlete and coach as well as master coach and can take YOU to the next level in SPORT, BUSINESS or TAICHI and QIGONG for LIFE. Won two Gold medals at Open Switzerland Championship in 2002. and one bronze medal at European taijiquan Championship in 2000. Join him in Croatia, or wherever You are. e-mail him at : wushucroatia@gmail.com or skype at: heliswushutaichi join https://www.facebook.com/groups/worldtaichiqigongday/ WORLD TAICHI & QIGONG DAY GROUP and here you can find invitation to this year event and al necesary details

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